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Improve your striking skills to a new level!

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Most boxing bags are easy to hit because they are a stationary target.


In a fight your target moves!

By using the punch ball you can simulate the feeling of a moving target. This will help with improving your timing of your punches and kicks.


With training your timing of your shots you also need to be become precise with your shots

Being precise with your shots helps with getting a better hit on your opponent.

The punch ball is a small ball making it harder to hit

when its moving.
Helps with getting precise!

Head Movement

There is not a real product to train your head movement with.

In a fight you also need to slip punches and kicks

With the Punch ball you can train you're

Head movement all day long. Done with it. Just pull it off and take back your room!

Reaction time

Most fighting sports products are predictable. It makes it easy over time.

In a fight you never know what happens!

With the punchball you never no what happens. The rope can bundle up by a punch and make it inpredictable which way it moves.