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Does you're child hit you or stuff at home?

What to do?

Most parents go through the same problem with their child. It starts hitting everything. Talking with the child has no success or has little effect.

With the Warriorsports Punch Ball the child can release this feeling without hurting anyone or damaging anything at home!

We say Yes!

Most parents tell their children they can’t hit anything or anybody. The problem is that the child can't release these emotions in any form at home and keeps them stored inside of them. Over time this keeps building up and can be a negative thing for a child. That’s why we at Warriorsports say yes to punching and hitting. Just do it against the Warriorsports Punch Ball!

How do we know it works?

We have tested it with parents and children that had the problem of hitting items or their parents at home. We gave them the Warriorsports Punch Ball and wanted to know how the child reacts to it.

Most children's first response was:

Can I really hit this and I won't get in trouble?

When the child started hitting most parents noted that the child found it fun and it released their emotions they were having at that moment what made them hit stuff

Benefits off the Warriorsporst Punch Ball

1. Soft enough for small children.

2. Easy to install and remove.

3. No holes needed in the ceiling

4. No Stains

5. Changeable to any height!

6. It cost just €5.99

Why wait and say yes to punching and kicking!

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