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The Warriorsports Punch Ball is the new addition to take your training to the next level. The Punch Ball requires no drilling to be installed, making it easy to place in any home and room. Both beginners and experts can train, have fun or release stress with it.

Order your Warriorsports Punch Ball now for only € 5.99 excl. Shipping costs.

Why get a Warriorsports Punch Ball ?
What makes the Warriorsports Punch Ball unique compared to the classic punching bag? That answer is very simple. The Warriorsports Punch Ball is ideal for any environment in your home, as it does not need to be installed with drills. Watch the video to see how you can place the Punch Ball in seconds. This isn't the only feature that makes the Warriorsports Punch Ball so unique. Other features are:
- It takes up little space
- Ideal for children: The ball is made of very soft material, so you do not need gloves
- The Punch Ball can be removed without problems.
- You can adjust the height of the Punch Ball manually
- The Punch Ball is made of high quality material

Advantages of the Warriorsports Punch Ball
Training with the Warriorsports Punch Ball is an addition to your daily routine. All kinds of important factors have been taken into account in the design of the Punch Ball, which makes it function well. The Punch Ball is small but very nice. A small ball can really boost your training and once you have finished your training session, you can easily store the ball. The ball takes up virtually no space, so it will always be able to place it somewhere in the house. The Punch Ball is made of sound-absorbing material so that it emits almost no sound during training. Your neighbors will be happy with that too. Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of the Warriorsports Punch Ball is that it is suitable for both beginners and experts. By investing only once in the Warriorsports Punch Ball of € 5.99 excl. Shipping, you are provided with a training tool that can save you expensive boxing lessons.

Training with the Warriorsport Punch Ball
The Warriorsports Punch Ball is a versatile ball. You no longer have to go to a gym or take expensive boxing lessons. You just need to install the Warriorsports Punch Ball and have fun. You are already burning fat within 15 to 20 minutes. Perfect for work or study breaks. It will help increase your heart rate for a great workout and help you develop timing, speed, and accuracy of hand and eye coordination. Training with the Punch Ball helps you to reduce stress and frustration while improving your fitness and health.


Qualitative training for everyone

The Warriorsports Punch Ball is lighter and softer than the classic punching bag. So anyone can enjoy training with the Punch Ball without having to worry about hitting yourself in the face, eyes, nose, or fist. This safety makes the Punch Ball suitable for men, women, teenagers, and even children. You don't have to be a professional boxer to use the Warriorsports Punch Ball, but the Punch Ball is also a pleasure and a challenge for experienced boxers. Everyone can train with it, have fun, or release stress.

The customer comes first

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Warriorsports Punch Ball